What to do:

Be aware:

  • Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form. Be alert to weather conditions and announcements.
  • Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been sighted or radar indicates rotation in the clouds.
    • The National Weather Service will activate the NWS Warning System upon confirmation of a tornado.
    • When possible, the College will also activate the Campus Emergency Notification System. This system includes text messaging, email and loudspeaker announcements.

Take shelter:

  • If you can get indoors:
    • Move quickly to interior ground floor or basement rooms.
    • Do not use elevators.
    • Stay away from windows.
    • If a tornado strikes, help avoid telephone overloads. Only make calls in an emergency situation.
  • If you can’t get indoors:
    • Parked motor vehicles are unsafe. Do not lock yourself inside one.
    • Lie flat in a ditch or low spot.
    • If you are caught on flat ground in the path of a tornado, always move at right angles to its path.