Get Notified

The SUNY Cortland Alert system is designed to alert you in cases where your personal safety may be at risk. It is critical that you provide the system with your email address and cell phone number for text messaging. This personal information will only be used within the SUNY Cortland Alert system.

We strongly encourage your participation.


  1. Log into myRedDragon
  2. Go to the Student Tab
  3. Select Main Menu (under the Registrar Channel)
    1. If this is your 1st time in BannerWeb you should be directed to the “Emergency Alert Notification” registration survey page
    2. If not, you can enroll or modify your enrollment by selecting the “Personal Information” tab
  4. Select “SUNY Cortland Alert Enrollment”
  5. Check “Emergency Alert Notification” a. click CONTINUE
  6. Select “I would like to register for this service now and receive any alerts sent to the campus community” a. click CONTINUE
  7. Check the email address(es) you would like SUNY NY-Alert messages sent to a. click CONTINUE
  8. Edit or add email addresses and select the format you wish your emails to be received a. click CONTINUE
  9. If you have a cell plan with text messaging, under the “Text Messaging” area enter your cell phone number and select your network (ex. AT&T, Verizon, …) a. click CONTINUE
  10. Review your contact information, if all is correct a. Click REGISTER ME WITH SUNY Cortland Alert
  11. You have successfully register with us for SUNY Cortland Alert


Parents may receive SUNY Cortland Alert messages through the student sign up. If you are a parent or family member and would like to receive the alerts, have your student add your cell and/or e-mail information to his or her account.


Faculty and staff members who wish to receive alerts via text message must update their Human Resource Office record to include their cell phone number(s). If text messages are not desired, no action is required. SUNY Cortland Alert will automatically send emergency notifications to all faculty and staff through email and other means, based on information currently available.

To receive SUNY Cortland Alert text message notifications:

    1. Log into myRedDragon
    2. Select the Faculty/Staff Tab
    3. Under Important Links, select HR Services/TAS
    4. Under Self Service, select SUNY HR Self Service
    5. Enter your date of birth for verification.
    6. You should now see your Human Resource Record
    7. Select the Phone tab
    8. The numbers listed here under Cell, Other and Work Phone will be the only numbers that will be sent to SUNY Cortland Alert.
    9. Select the phone you want to update (Usually, Cell for the main cell phone and the other categories for additional phones) and select Add to add a phone number.
    10. Under Phone Details, enter the number.  On the line “Is this a Cell Phone?” select “Yes.” Phones identified as cell phones will receive text messages only. Phones not identified as cell phones will receive a voice alert, but no text.